Distance Learning Webinar Series: Become a Pro!

South Dakota Education Association and Nebraska State Education Association recognize that there will be a need going forward for teachers to be as good at distance learning as they have become in face-to-face settings.  We are pleased to bring you a series of 13 webinars sponsored by NEA and taught by Michigan and Nebraska Education Association members.

You have several options for utilizing these webinars:

  1. They are consumable on an á la carte basis.  Use the links below to sign up individually for each one you wish to attend.  You will receive a confirmation with a link to the Zoom meeting(s) upon registration and then a reminder 2 days prior, 2 hours prior and 10 minutes prior. Nothing further is required. In addition,
  2. You may request a 1 ½ hour continuing education certificate (CEU) at the conclusion of each webinar.  A maximum of 19 ½ hours is possible. Prior registration and verified participation by the facilitator will be required.  Certificates may be requested from Rich.Mittelstedt@sdea.org, OR;
  3. This course will be available for one or two graduate credits through the University of Sioux Falls. Enroll for this option here. This course is free for members and $75 for non-members. All registrants will have an additional fee for the graduate credit of $45 per credit payable to USF when their enrollment link becomes available.   Enrollees will attend 6 of the 13 webinars of your choice (sign up for each webinar you wish to attend using links below in addition to using the enrollment link for the class). Each webinar is 90 minutes long. An additional 4 hours is allowed to adapt 6 daily lesson plans or one content area chapter or unit from face-to-face classroom learning to an online format and sharing the content in a common area. Two additional hours will be spent in reviewing lessons of classmates and providing feedback. For two credits, these requirements will be doubled.

Note: These webinars are open to NEA members and potential members from any state. Out of an abundance of caution in our efforts to protect legitimate learners, if we are unable to determine through your registration that you are an eligible educator, we reserve the right to cancel your registration and/or block you from the Zoom webinar.  We will use SD Teacher 411, NEA 360, or other means to verify status as an eligible educator.

Leveling Up Schoology for Distance Learning

Wed., Jan. 6     6:00-7:30 CT (5-6:30 MT)     Middle and High School          Intermediate and up

Leverage Schoology features to create synchronous and asynchronous learning opportunities while growing community. Materials, gradebook, attendance, analytics, and conferences will be reviewed so you are ready to use Schoology to its fullest!



Leveling up Google Classroom for Distance Learning

Wed., Jan. 13     6:00-7:30 CT (5-6:30 MT)     Upper Elem, Middle, or High          Intermediate and up

Now's the time to take your Google Classroom to the next level! Come learn about how to maximize Google Classroom for remote teaching & learning purposes with embedded opportunities for social emotional learning, more complex assignments, interactive learning environments, tools for one-on-one student support and opportunities to differentiate practice to fit your students’ needs.



Leveling up Seesaw for Distance Learning

Wed., Jan. 20     6:00-7:30 CT (5-6:30 MT)     Elementary               Intermediate and up

Begining and intermediate Seesaw users will take a deeper dive into the many features of Seesaw and models of how we can organically embed authentic social emotional supports. Learn how to create your own custom Seesaw Activities. Also discover how Seesaw's built-in features like folders, skills, and blogs can help streamline the assessment and feedback processes, whether at home or in the classroom. This session is perfect for educators who have attended our beginning Seesaw session or have been using Seesaw and want to learn more.



Screencasting: Loom, Google Meet, Screencastify

Wed., Jan. 27     6:00-7:30 CT (5-6:30 MT)     Elem, Middle, or High Beginner

Many options to screen record are wonderful. The benefits of Loom and these other tools? No downloading, no waiting, no fuss. Make a video with your webcam image or without, manage what content is shared and how, create the video and get a link to share lickity-split. Learn how to add to Chrome, use, and share. Then give it a go! A Library of Loom examples will be shared with members who are encouraged to make and link a Loom of their own.



Poverty, Racism, and Covid-19

Wed, Feb. 3     6:00-7:30 CT (5-6:30 MT)         All Grades    All Levels

Join Dr. Donna Beegle as we explore the unique circumstances faced by children of color and children living in poverty, especially as we face long-lasting changes in schools due to Covid-19.  Possible strategies for working through the challenges of poverty and racism will also be explored. 



Using Videos in your Lessons

Wed., Feb. 10         6:00-7:30 CT (5-6:30 MT)     Elem, Middle, or High          Intermediate

Videos are a great way to connect with your students. Learn how to create videos using QuickTime Player, Screencastify, and Loom and how to share them in Google Classroom and Seesaw. Explore ways to link videos that other people have created in your online space.



Using Pear Deck to Engage Learners at a Distance

Wed., Feb. 17      6:00-7:30 CT (5-6:30 MT)     Upper Elem, Middle, or High          Any Level

This session will discuss how to use Pear Deck to transform your PPT/Google Slides into interactive presentations. Assess student understanding in real time or at their own pace by inserting questions and practice activities directly in your lesson.


Formative Assessments

Wednesday, Feb. 24     6:00-7:30 CT (5-6:30 MT)     Middle or High          Intermediate

How popular EdTech tools can be leveraged to collect formative assessment and inform instruction in an asynchronous environment.