SDEA has just learned about an exciting opportunity for one member to participate in NEA Teacher Quality’s Professional Practice and Policy Teaching Fellows Program.  SDEA will select one member who has at least five years' teaching experience in the K12 classroom setting to be an SDEA/NEA Teaching Fellow for the 2021–22 school year.  The successful candidate should appreciate problem-solving and testing new ideas, practice listening, have experience with networks as shared leadership, be committed to increasing inclusivity and bettering the collective association experience, be willing to challenge the status quo in support of the future of unionism, and be responsive to constructive feedback.

If chosen, SDEA will work with the candidate and their district to negotiate a one-year leave of absence/sabbatical to complete this teaching fellowship.  SDEA/NEA will pay the Fellow's salary and benefits, but the goal is to have the Fellow remain employed by the district so that the Fellow can return to their classroom the following year.  The Fellow will use improvement science (steps of reflective thinking or problem-solving) to organize and plan around professional learning to build affiliate membership and capacity.

Here is the description memo with more of the details.  Please forward this application to any member whom you believe fits the criteria and would be interested in this exciting opportunity.  The deadline to apply is by the close of business on April 9, 2021.   

Please feel free to contact me or our Teaching and Learning Coordinator, Rich Mittelstedt at Richard.Mittelstedt@sdea.org.  You can also reach us by calling 1-800-529-0090.