NEA Leaders for Just Schools (Restorative Justice)

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This course is devoted to creating equitable and just learning environments.  An educator's dedication to developing as a leader for just and equitable schools is a key element in creating sucessful environments that are intentionally developed to honor the gifts that ALL students and educators bring into their learning spaces.  You will be called upon to think about yourself and your experiences.  How do your experiences define who you are, how you see the world, and how you teach children?

Through individual and collaborative exploration of research and experiences we will be able to enhance the ways we work to make changes to practices and policies that impact marginalized and/or underserved students. By developing and implementing culturally proficient models in schools/districts, we can work to correct some of the systemic limitations that are placed on students who often need the greatest advocacy and opportunities for empowerment.  As leaders for just schools, you will be asked to reflect on your practices, how bias impacts equity, and how you are adhering to the ideals and actions of a champion for learning environmetns that respect diversity, foster equity for all students, and strengthen the cultural competence of yourself and others.

We will take a deep dive into understanding equity and its impact on learning environments. We will be taking a hard look at the impact that bias has on equity. We will also look at the '-isms' that exist in our system and how we can create excellent learning environments for all students. Next, we will identify steps that we can take to build inclusive action plans that keep students engaged as key stakeholders, at the forefront of our work. This training will culminate by examining ways to take our learning to a deeper level and how equity and creating just and equitable learning environments can be that lens that we make all decisions through.

The intention of the training will focus on seeking ways to improve school culture for all students. Facilitators and participants alike should prepare themselves both mentally and emotionally for the discomfort and vulnerability that often accompanies these lessons. To make the most of this training, both facilitators and participants need to make a commitment to create an honest, safe, and confidential environment. This commitment must be adhered to in order for participants to take full advantage of the growth and opportunities that are encapsulated in this training.

This is a 15 hour course offered for 1 graduate credit through the University of Sioux Falls, or a 15 hour CEU certificate upon request.

  • Grade(s): Pre-K | Elementary K-5 | Secondary 6-12
  • By South Dakota Teacher Effectiveness Domains/Components:

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