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South Dakota teachers and education support professionals are on the front lines of education every day. We became educators because we care deeply about our students’ future and we are committed to each student’s success.

We believe that the only way to guarantee our students’ success is to put our students at the center: the center of our classrooms and our schools, the center of education reforms, and the center of attention in every conversation about public education. Everyone is accountable for students’ success in school — teachers, support staff, school administrators, parents, businesses, elected officials, and students themselves.

Join with more than 5,000 South Dakota educators to realize greater student success and ensure accountability on all levels of public education. Join with us to use your voice for and advocate for your profession. Join with us to become a better teacher, a better professional. Join with us to learn, grow, and connect with other educators just like you. Join with us to change the lives of your peers, your students, and your community. Join with us to make a difference.

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  • My name is Erica Boomsma, and I am a member of the SDEA. I teach 4th Grade for the Huron School District and am the 2019 South Dakota Teacher of the Year. I have had the joy of teaching students for 17 years. I joined SDEA because it’s an organization that unites teachers and advocates for teachers in our state. It also provides trainings and classes for professional growth and development. Best of all, these classes are current and up to date with the latest trends and research in education so my practices are fresh, and I can do more!

    Erica Boomsma ,

  • I am Jodi Neugebauer, 2nd grade teacher at Garretson Elementary. I have been a member of SDEA since college and first joined to work with kids as a college student. Since transitioning to a teacher member I have benefited from the professional development and support provided by SDEA. I enjoy trainings offered by SDEA such as instructional coaching and also have had the opportunity to work on training others through the National Board Jump Start program. When we work together and share our resources and knowledge, we grow as teachers which benefits our students the most.

    Jodi Neugebauer ,

  • My name is Carla Diede and I teach math at Harrisburg South Middle School. I joined LEA/SDEA/NEA in 2007 because I wanted to enter my teaching career as part of a community of educators. I knew it would help ensure I had the necessary support to succeed as a first year teacher. Now as a part of HEA/SDEA/NEA, I appreciate the voice I have had over the past 11 years as a member and the work they do to make a true difference in education. Proud to be a part of this amazing group of educators!

    Carla Diede ,

  • My name is Mallory Meier. I am a member of the Pierre Education Association. I teach 8th Grade US History at Georgia Morse Middle School and have been a member since my freshman year at Dakota Wesleyan University. I initially joined because I had to, but quickly realized the value in being a part of a professional organization. From professional development to advocacy and everything in between, SDEA has been an invaluable part of my teaching career.

    Mallory Meier ,

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