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Augustana U/VESi member offer

South Dakota Education Association (SDEA), Augustana University and Virtual Education Software (VESi) have partnered to offer SDEA members access to online courses available for graduate credit.
The course membership is only offered to SDEA members. If you are not an SDEA member you will not receive credit for any completed courses. Click on the "view courses/enroll" button or call VESi at 1-800-313-6744 for more info.

- One low annual Course Membership Fee of $225.00 per year
- You may take up to nine graduate semester hours per year (one course per term). Course list & information are below.
- Choose from over 30 courses for re-certification/pay raise purposes

Once you have purchased your VESi course membership you will be able to enroll yourself in a course.

Your course year runs for 365 days from the date you first enroll.  

  • Grade(s): Pre-K | Elementary K-5 | Secondary 6-12

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