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How do I sign up for a BRIDGE account?

To create a BRIDGE account, visit, click Log In and either verify your Association membership or create a guest account. This easy process doesn’t take more than 30 seconds! Note: You do need to have your membership ID # handy.  This can be found on a mailing label from anything from NEA.   If  you can't locate your ID#, contact your UD and request it.  Or, sign up as a guest, but hold off on registering for any training.  Email, explaining that you need your account upgraded in Bridge to "member". Once you are emailed that your status has been upgraded you may log back into Bridge and register for classes at the member rate.

How much time does a class take?

Most BRIDGE classes are 15 instructional hours. Asynchronous classes may be completed at your leisure so long as they are done by the course deadline.  Synchronous classes will have set meetings required, but often not more than once per week.  

How does it cost to enroll in a class?

For South Dakota Education Association members, enrolling in a BRIDGE class ranges in price from free up to $25 per class per credit hour.  If you are seeking graduate credit for the class you will register and pay for the credit through the university.  This generally costs $40 or $45 per credit. So, for a one graduate credit class, member costs could range from $40-$70; for a two credit class, $80-$140.

Guests and potential Association members pay $75 per class per credit plus the graduate credit costs to the university if you are seeking graduate credit. Total cost for them is $115-$120 for a one credit class, or $230-$235 for a two credit class. 

Can I earn credit, clock hours, and a certificate?

The answer is a resounding “Yes!” Many of the classes on BRIDGE qualify for graduate credit through the University of Sioux Falls or University of South Dakota. We also have partnership deals with Augustana University for some programs.  Graduate credit is always optional and has an additional fee of $45 through USF or $40 through USD.

All of the classes are eligible for license renewal hours. At the conclusion of each class, those seeking CEU hours will receive a certificate of completion for your records, provided you submit a class evaluation.

Can I get the syllabus for the class before making a decision?

Absolutely! Most syllabi are contained in the course descriptions.  If you need more information, just email the Teaching and Learning Coordinator, Rich Mittelstedt (, for that information.

Can my district use BRIDGE for its professional development?

SDEA has worked hard to make sure districts in partnership with the local association can use BRIDGE to run all of their professional development. We do not charge districts to use the platform. Instead, our requirement is that the district and local association reach an agreement that dictates the school district will pay members who facilitate the classes a fair stipend. For more information about this kind of opportunity, please contact Rich Mittelstedt at SDEA (

How are classes structured?

All of our classes are fully facilitated, which means you’ll have a trained SDEA member leading you and teachers from across South Dakota through the content. Our classes are timebound so that the facilitation makes sense.  Even asynchronous classes have a dedicated facilitator who can answer questions, usually the same day.